Meet Trá Founder Tom Weldon

Trá was founded in Tramore, Co. Waterford in September 2017 by Tom Weldon. Read how an experiment by an ex-Army man with a love for coffee (and now tea!) became a thriving Irish business.

Trá's story...

Gorgeous tastes from across the globe!

We have a deep respect for the passion and tradition behind tea and coffee and source ingredients from the best growers and producers in the world. Our drinks are absolutely delish and we'd know, we help ourselves on the daily ;)

We roast premium coffee from Brazil, Guatemala, and Columbia, and hand blend quality tea from China, Japan and India. We love to innovate and create, and have even blended tea with Irish seaweed!

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I contact Trá?

Here on our website Contact Page

On our Instagrams @tracoffeeroasters , @traspecialityteas

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